Year One

This day marks one year in the US. The day that I not only left my home but also, a somewhat stable and regular life. I took a chance at an unknown life and as silly as it may sound, to chase my dreams. The day where I changed my life and myself completely. A year with ups and downs. A year that had the happiest but also some of the worst moments. 365 days in my new home of Los Angeles. Days that taught me more than I have ever thought were possible.

Moments that taught me that asking for help doesn’t make you weak, that it is ok to say no and sometimes put yourself first. Had to realize that not everyone has your best interest in mind. I became more understanding that you can’t get along with everyone and that some people are just not meant to be in your life. I learned to forgive and then forget those that are negative and even more importantly, learned to forgive myself.

I learned how to deal with homesickness and to not be afraid of being alone. Fell in love, got my heart broken and came out even stronger. A year where I gave up on checking my social media accounts daily and decided to live my life in the “real world” and not solely online, comparing my life with others that only share things out of their seemingly “perfect life”. Instead, I experienced how it feels to become part of a family and meet people that not only bring out the best in me, but also inspire and motivate me to work and love harder. At times I forget how to slow down or even relax which can be exhausting, but I love every second of it. A year where working out and eating healthy became a priority and I am not only loving the results, but, loving how strong it makes me feel – physically and mentally. This past year has pushed me, motivated me, and inspired me.

There were days where I cried into my coffee in the morning and myself to sleep at night. Where I woke up with anxiety in the middle of the night, but reminded myself that it is all worth it.

Had to hear the sentence: “Everything happens for reason” so many times that I wanted to punch people. But realized that they might be right and that everything is a learning process. Learned to be ok with not being there yet and giving myself credit for the hard work I do and for what I have achieved so far and not being too hard on myself.

No one ever said moving across the world would be easy and most people told me to not do it. Here I am, the happiest I’ve ever been! I’m thankful for each and every moment, both good and bad.

This year made me cry more than any other, cry for no reason at all, out of tiredness and frustration, but also happy for no particular reasons. I’m even happy on days where I feel like crap from a hangover because, yes, for “the girl that use to never drink”, going out became a part of my life, instead of only having relationships with Netflix characters. I am happy, happy to know that I am right where I want to be. This year, this city, this place and all the people around me have pushed me to work harder than ever and be positive.

I found, without even knowing, that this is exactly what I was looking for. I might not be there yet and it might still be a long journey, but I will work hard for it – with amazing people by my side and enjoying every day to the fullest.

Here is to the next 365 days. May they hold as much in store as the past year.

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