New Day, Old Me


Work out more, eat healthy, work harder; New Year’s resolutions seem to be the same every single year. For one reason: No one ever really sticks with them. Let’s be honest, how many times did you not even make it until February, or not even start in the first place? And, if you really do, who wants to wait in line with all the others who drag themselves to the gym for the first few weeks of the year, all to pretend this year everything will be different? Yeah right…



Shouldn’t those things be part of our lifestyle, anyway? Something positive, rather than something to which we must set a date? That makes it seem so negative - something we don’t want to deal with.

How about we focus on things that make us happy. Love more and harder, see more sunsets, make others laugh, travel more, give back, forgive, read more than watch Netflix, be spontaneous and adventurous. These are the things that will eventually motivate us to live a healthy lifestyle, not just for a year but the rest of our lives.

But changes are never easy. Where and when should you start? By taking small steps. Start with a little one! When that works great, you’ll see how simple it is to eat healthy (and how much better it makes you feel), or how working out makes you feel strong and gives you more energy. Starting everything together at once can be overwhelming, and makes it so easy to skip the gym and have pizza. So let's cut the crap about “new year, new me,” since it's already April anyway. Instead, let’s say "new day, old me." More positive, hard-working, and happy with whatever we want to get done that day - and in the future. After New Year’s resolutions have likely failed, lets start now: ¼ into the year.


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