Nashville Instagram Spots


1. Believe in Nashville Mural2702 12 Ave South

Even if you’re not the biggest picture taker, the “I Believe in Nashville” sign is a MUST. It’s one of the favorite locations for people from out of town so best time to go would be during the week to avoid waiting in long lines. If you’re only there for the weekend, plan a little time. I mean, it’s all for the ‘gram…


2. Amelia's Flower Truck

Is there anything better than a food truck? There is: a flower truck. I mean, can it get any cuter? They have three trucks at three different locations. Best thing to do is check their Instagram/website in the morning. They are mostly only open until like 3 or 4pm at the location so plan to do it earlier in the day.


3. John Seigenthaler Pedestrian BridgeDowntown Nashville

Perfect way to end a full day of biscuit breakfasts and hot fried chicken sandwiches, is with a walk across the pedestrian bridge that crosses above the Cumberland River. Best time to go is at sunset. Nothing beats the view the of the Music City skyline at golden hour.

You can access the bridge from either East Nashville by the NSL Nissan Stadium or from downtown on 3rd St.


4. Colorful NashvilleEast Nashville: 625 Main St

Incase you forget where you are: The Nashville wall is definitely worth visiting and big plus: there probably wont be line since it’s a little outside in East Nashville. When we went we were the only people and had time to take as many pictures until we had the perfect shot without being awkwardly watched.


5. Lower Broadway

Honky Tonk Highway is a stretch of Lower Broadway, the most popular spot for tourists in Nashville. Along Broadway are dozens of small live music venues that have seen soon-to-be stars pass through before they become famous. The street is colorful and vibrant, filled with neon signs, cowboy boots, and a life-size Elvis statue.


 6. Porch

Lets face it; after all, the whole town is basically an Instagram spot. All those cute homes with there porch that you automatically pictures yourself sitting on being old and happy!?. Obviously I didn’t just sit on someone’s front steps. I choose a building that was an office and didn’t have a front yard but was right by the sidewalk.


7. BearsEast Nashville: Woodland St. & 11th St

Does it get any cuter? A wall full of bears.  There are plenty mural walls that don’t necessary have anything to do with Nashville. For everyone that wants something that isn’t so common. The bears are located in East Nashville at Five Points.


8. Three Brothers Coffee2813 West End Ave 

What better way to take a break from taking all those pictures than to go to a coffee shop that has the next perfect location waiting for you after sipping your latte?


9.  No Baked Cookie Dough117 28th Ave N

The last two are going to be two restaurants. Even though Nashville’s restaurants deserve a hole post of their own. But some of them are just to "Instagramable" like” No Baked Cookie Dough”. If that is not reason enough to go there, maybe there cute “Nashville” singe will do the trick.


 10. Biscuit Love3rd Ave S, Franklin

Another sing and not mad about it. We actually went to the one in Franklin, but Nashville has the exact same singe and other then that, I’m just gonna say three words. Oh my Biscuit. Do yourself a favor and go. This is a really popular place, so plan some waiting time.


There are a few more that we didn’t make it to or went to at night and the lighting wasn’t right. What a shame, huh? Did it even happen if I didn’t Instagram it?

- East Nashville Mural

- Pinewood Social

- #WhatLiftsYou Wings Mural

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